Mini-Series: Wielding Your Voice


This mini-series was created with you in mind – to help women better utilize our voices, live more powerfully for ourselves and the greater good of the world around us, and tp wield the power of our voices at the roots of issues, rather than each other.

In Wielding Your Voice, you will hear from six (6) women as we discuss what it means to do so by exploring four (4) key areas: Passion, Purpose, Pain, and Responsibility.

Get to know these women via their brief bios below. Then, tune in to our weekly segments via or YouTube.

We look forward to your feedback.

Lanie Zipoy, Award-winning Film Maker

Lanie Zipoy on Passion
Award-winning Film Maker

Lanie Zipoy, a Memphis-born, New York-based filmmaker. Her feature film directorial debut, The Subject, starring Jason Biggs, Aunjanue Ellis, and Anabelle Acosta, won Best Feature at the Lighthouse International Film Festival, the Bronze Lens Film Festival and the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival where it also took home several other awards including Outstanding Narrative Director and Outstanding Feature Performance. In addition to Lanie’s other indie film credits, she has directed commercials and art installation videos, and was a Time Warner Foundation Fellow of the 2012-2014 Lab at WP Theater, NYC. Lanie is a member of New York Women in Film and Television, Film Fatales, The FilmMakeHers, and Filmshop.

IG: @lanstress

Sall Grover on Purpose
Founder & CEO, Giggle, Inc.

Sall Grover is the Founder and CEO of Giggle, a female only social networking app. Prior to her start-up, Sall received her masters degree in journalism and philosophy, then moved to Hollywood to write movies. After almost ten years of screenwriting, and countless Me Too Movement experiences, Sall retired from professional writing and focused her attention on empowering girls and women all around the world. “Giggle” is the collective noun for a group of girls. The app connects users in 83 countries for roommates, freelance work, emotional support, activism and more in a safe & private environment.

IG: @JoinAGiggle

Kelly Van Nelson on Pain
Author, Poet, Speaker

Kelly Van Nelson, a poet whose work has been featured in numerous international publications, and a prominent figure in media discussing social issues. She is the winner of the AusMumpreneur ‘Big Idea Changing the World’ Award for her literary impact as an antibullying advocate, and Roar Success winner for Best Book and Most Powerful Influencer. Kelly serves as Managing Director on the executive board of a Fortune 500 human resources organisation. She is also a mum of two. And in the spare time she doesn’t have, she hangs out on the open mic performing poetry.

IG: @KellyVanNelson

Naomi Hattaway on Responsibility
Business Owner, Consultant, City Council Candidate

Naomi Hattaway, founder of I Am A Triangle, an international social network, and 8th & Home Relocation, a nationwide network matching families on the move with Realtors. She is passionate about community building, diversity, accessibility in online and physical spaces, and affordable housing so people can thrive, not just survive, in the places they call home. Naomi is running for City Council in her hometown, Omaha, Nebraska. And consults nonprofits and organizations on inclusive program design, mutual aid and housing solutions.

IG: @NaomiHattaway

Michaela Zannou on Passion
Film Maker, Writer

Michaela Zannou, a New York City based actor, writer and filmmaker, originally from Greece. She completed her studies in Athens, where she earned a Master Fine Arts in acting. Michaela moved to New York to pursue her passion for on-camera acting and filmmaking. Since then, she has appeared on several TV series, commercials, short films, and web series. Most recently, Michaela wrote, produced and starred in the pilot episode “Couples Therapy”, a provocative dramedy about a couple’s therapist who treats neurotic couples while simultaneously trying to salvage her own marriage. Her horror screenplay, “THE RETREAT”, was also a finalist in the LA based “Shriekfest” film festival. An advocate for female empowerment and women supporting women, Zannou is a member of NY’s prestigious Women In Film & Television.

IG: @MichaelaZannou

Tanya Williams on Purpose
Author, Speaker, Childfree Advocate

Tanya Williams, the Amazon No 1 Best Selling author of A Childfree Happily Ever After. She is the pink loving, 4-inch heel wearing sparkly Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations and founder of the Childfree Choices Program whose goal is to change the dialogue around being childfree from judgment, criticism and adherence to rules, to one of support & acceptance. Tanya believes in women making their own rules and doing what is right for their life. Having worn many hats in her own life, her personal mantra is never let anyone dull your sparkle.


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