Mini-series: Transition


Women are finding themselves at various points of transition, causing them to question themselves and what they once knew of the world around them. In the Transition mini-series, you will hear women discuss where they are now versus 10 years ago, what happened when the dream became old, and the resistance, triggers, acceptance, that led to where they are now. We hope you see that you are not alone, and glean insight to help you land on the other side better and more assured, no matter what it feels like now.

Get to know these women via their brief bios below. Then, tune in via or YouTube.

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Sheilina Somani, ChPP, RPP, FAPM, FHEA
Chartered Project Professional

Sheilina is a chartered project professional, with more than 30 years of experience across over 50 countries. In addition to delivering multiple successful projects and programmes, Sheilina is also valued for her coaching and facilitation skills – developing curricula and teaching both in industry and academia. She invests 20% of her time in volunteering – teaching, mentoring, coaching and visiting schools to share her passion for effective people and project management.


Lori Cheek
Founder & CEO, Cheek’d

Architect turned Entrepreneur, Lori Cheek, is the Founder and CEO of Cheek’d — a mobile dating app that makes missed connections obsolete. Known as The Digital Dating Disruptor, and listed as one of the Top 10 CEOs to Watch, this Shark Tank veteran is a University of Kentucky Architectural Graduate who is no longer building structures. She is now building relationships.

IG: @Cheekd

Lucy Bloom
Change-maker, Business Leader, Author, Speaker

Change-maker, Lucy Bloom, is an accomplished leader with 27 years business-building experience under a hot pink mohawk. Lucy ran an advertising agency for 20 years before she became the CEO of two international charities: One funding a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia, the other schools and clinics in Cambodia. Lucy is the founder of an education start up and author of two books, including her memoir, Get the Girls Out. On her blog, you’ll find posts about how she punched procrastination in the face as well as “The Neuroscience of Generosity”.

IG: @TheLucyBloom

Susan Nefzger
PR Professional, Author

Susan Nefzger is the author of two books: “A Practical Guide to Awareness” and “Putting Awareness into Practice”. A compilation of stories from women around the world is her current work in progress. And her fourth book, “A Practical Guide to Living Fearlessly” will be published Spring 2021.

Exploring the concept of self-awareness in the early 80s, eventually led Susan on a personal self-actualization quest, travelling the world seeking answers. It would be at a writing retreat in Glastonbury that she would write the book that would change her life in 72 hours – from 30-year public relations professional, wife and mother, to a self-awareness author and public speaker.

IG: @tips_for_fearless_living | @snefzgerpr

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