Are We a Good Fit?


Are We a Good Fit?

Over the past 20 years, I have found is many womenpreneurs show up powerfully in their lives, but still feel as if they are living beneath their purpose and/or capability.

  • They are unable to harness their unique power, resulting in gaps in business operations and strategy.
  • A lack of clarity exists, causing them to believe what they want to achieve is unattainable, when in reality it is their lack of structure that prevents them from moving forward in a meaningful way.
  • They often get trapped iterating in their heads which leads to them being unable to articulate their vision in order to bring it into reality.
  • And although they are powerful women who have had to be independent, strategic problem solvers, and do not shy away from challenges or taking risks, they find it difficult to acknowledge when they may need help, yet alone ask for it.
  • And because they are not afraid to go it alone or figure things out for themselves, they have explored various avenues such as:

Google or YouTube University

Magic pill strategies & Challenges

Forced themselves to “choose one”, constricting their multiple passions.

Self-improvement/empowerment books

Combining worksheets they’ve collected from various programs

‘Fix it quick’ schemes because they don’t feel they have any more time to waste if they are to fulfill the vision they have for their lives.

However, this sense of urgency can be crippling for some womenpreneurs. Without a solution in sight, the anxiety of ‘what’s next’ constantly haunts them, and may lead them to believe they have no other choice than to give up. They begin to think the problem is them – that their multi-passionate nature is to blame, or that they simply want too much out of life.

What they really want and need is:

  • A formula that works for them, as the multi-passionate creators that they are
  • To know that their purpose and work has value.
  • That their uniqueness can be embraced and celebrated.
  • That they are not being punished for being a strong woman with powerful leadership capabilities.
  • To get clear on what is holding them back and how to powerfully move past it to create the business foundation needed to support their long-term vision.

By working with a business strategist, they can gain the unshakable confidence that clarity brings, to execute their vision as the multi-passionate mission-driven womenpreneurs they are.

Tired of living beneath your potential?

Different outcomes require different decisions.

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