Khrys Vaughan

Khrys Vaughan, PMP, SCSP - Creator, In Her Company, Author, Consultant to Multi-passionate Women

Khrys Vaughan, PMP, SCSP is a published Author, Multi-passionate Strategist, and Creator of In Her Company, working with mission-driven womenpreneurs to answer what’s next and create a plan to get it. She has served on various boards/committees including SBA/Small Business Week-St. Louis, JCI International, Hampton Roads Civic Ballet, and Women Build/Habitat for Humanity.

Khrys previously produced an industry-first webcast, pilot for internet television, the Women in Green Technology panel (with Ingrid Vanderveldt among panelists), and a weekly radio show featuring diverse women in business that reached over 16,000 listens. Her first novel, The Red Umbrella Society, won second place in the Missouri Writing Guild’s Fall Fiction contest. And prompted her to create a unique literary group for women to write better fight scenes, and take their projects beyond the book. Recently, Khrys was selected to participate in Steve Madden’s/Fearless Fund Get Venture Ready program. And featured in Authority Magazine on why more women founders are needed.

On a personal note, Khrys is adventurous, vegan, enjoys long walks, loose leaf tea, and creating memories with her family.


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