90 Days to Launch©

Investment: $997

  • You need to answer ‘What’s next?’ and a plan to get it.
  • You’ve been there long enough to know what you’re doing now isn’t it.
  • You are tired of transition and ready for transformation, but you aren’t sure if entrepreneurship is the right.
  • You really need a life change. You want to fast-cycle & figure it out without wasting a lot of time or resources.

Here is where you figure it out.

Create was designed for women at a point of transition, new fempreneurs, or women with some entrepreneurial experience seeking to determine what next looks like for them. 90 Days to Launch© was created for women who are committed, but prefer to fast-cycle to their answer. This is an intense high responsibility-high accountability self-paced online course that challenges you from the beginning to dig deep, and start from where you are in order to gain the clarity needed to answer ‘What’s next?’ and develop an initial plan to get it.

We want to help you create the future, not repeat the past.

Habits of Highly Empowered Women©

Simple actionable steps to help you take back your life & power, setting the tone for your journey.

What’s in Your Hand?

Opportunities are right in front of you. Your perspective determines if you recognize them.

Business on a Shoestring

How to successfully operate your business on a modest budget at any stage & reserve capital using our decision matrix.

Business as a Vehicle for Good

End the struggle between work that matters & work that pays the bills.

Life & Business Integration

End compartmentalizing. Live one full complete life.

And more…

10 Lessons +

3 Live Sessions +

Exercises to help you quickly determine if a life change or entrepreneurship is what’s next for you.

Most courses of this type begin with business as the starting point. But, we believe in integration; that everything begins with you. The flows, rhythms, and seasons of your life are just as important as those of your business. Making them work for you begins with simple, yet powerful exercises that address mindset, challenge perception, what you consider impossible, and removing barriers causing you to unwittingly give up your power.

Women who take this course and consistently commit at least 90 minutes each week for lessons, assignments, and take action on what they learn, experience increased clarity and progress with each lesson. Live group sessions provide additional benefits, resources, and encouragement from women journeying alongside who cheer you on.

Fall session begins in September. Join our list for registration dates!