Special Podcast: Women of Color, Suffrage & the Women’s Movement


This month, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women using the power of their voice, and action, to change the world. This August marks 100 years since the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. However, this did not include all women. It would take another 28 to 55 years for women of color to reap the benefits of the movement they too had supported and fought for.

Cammy Watkins, Candidate for District 3 City Council in Omaha, NE, joins me for this special podcast. Cammy has a long history of working to promote polices for the benefit of her community and beyond. Her work garnered national attention as one of Glamour magazine’s 70 female eco-achievers, alongside other environmental leaders such as Lisa Jackson, Obama’s EPA director. Cammy credits her mother with inspiring her to be on the front lines of issues such as Sustainability, Affordable Housing, and Racial Equity. And doing the work to build a just society. Listen in as we discuss what the 19th amendment did and didn’t do for women of color, suffrage and the women’s movement through this lens, and tangible ways for women to move forward together today.

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