About Us


About Us

In Her Company is an empowerment brand for Multi-passionate and Mission-driven womenpreneurs ready to answer ‘What’s next?’ & create a plan to get it.


  • For women to be confident of their identity & capabilities, and step into their place.
  • To lead more integrated lives by creating formulas and flows that work for them.
  • To show multi-passionate womenpreneurs how to harness their unique power & unlock the solutions within them.
  • To utilize business as a vehicle to create economic & ownership opportunities for the next generation of womenpreneurs.
Khrys Vaughan, Creator, Founder of In Her Company


For women to become all they were created to be &

step into their place.

Core Values

All women are sisters & collectively comprise the global sisterhood regardless of ethnicity, geography, socio-economic status, etc. This does not mean we do not have differences or always agree, but that our interactions are guided by this.

Creating Our Own Opportunities
We have the ability to create our own opportunities. By doing so we become our own best advocates, & empower others to do the same.

Business as a Vehicle for Good
Business is a vehicle we utilize for exponential impact and to empower others by creating economic and ownership opportunities.

Doing the work.
We value doing the work. By taking right action we create solutions, legacy, and a better way forward for those who will follow in our steps.